NonSoloStanze gives you the opportunity to look for a room or accommodation in general in the main Italian cities and university towns. We are not an estate agency or an intermediary but through our website we want to offer you the best solution to suit your needs. NonSoloStanze is not only aimed at sudents, but also at those people who may need to travel for short or longer periods.

NonSoloStanze was born from a simple idea: offer all those looking for accommodation the chance to find something that best suits their needs in the shortest possible time.

Looking for accommodation need not be a long and endless task, but on the contrary simple and straightforward. You can refine your search by personalizing it to your specific needs.

NonSoloStanze relies on its simplicity and ease when using its system and it is created in such a way that the information is clear and obvious, allowing everyone the possibility of searching and providing accommodation quickly.  You will also be able to establish a direct and immediate contact with the landlord, flat mate or agency.

By using our website at NonSoloStanze looking for accommodation has never been easier!